From the paddock to success

Focusing on success and experience has always gone hand in hand at Constanzehof. Our highly motivated team of specialists uses its passion and expert knowledge to carry out its task to transform saddle horses to sport horses.

Once the young horses reach an age between two and three years we slowly bring them in to work. Colts and fillies that have been selected for the performance tests (mare performance test and stallion licensing) are carefully prepared and schooled. We start all horses under saddle at the age of three – using all the expertise, patience and safety standards we have gained through years of experience. Then, the three year olds spend the summer on the vast marshy pasture of Constanzehof. Exercise in all weathers creates robust health and the stamina needed for challenging competitions.

Training and roaming the fields go hand in hand. Before they compete for the first time, the four year olds have enjoyed six to eight weeks time off in the meadows. Even during more intense training at the age of five our Holsteiner horses are still get turned out into the fields in groups every day. Living in a herd strengthens their social behavior and promotes an even temperament and contentment – the best prerequisites for a resilient and confident attitude during sporting competitions.