Where success makes its home

Constanzehof is located in the middle of the Holsteiner breeding district along the picturesque banks of the Stör River. The success of the Constanzehof Holsteiner sport horses comes from this area 50 kilometers north of Hamburg on the marshy pastures near the North Sea. For decades, our professional breeding has developed high-performance, robust partners to meet the challenges of equestrian sports.

From day one our stud farm has set the highest standards when it comes to breeding Holsteiner horses. That is why all stages of development, from birth to competitive events, are in our own hands. We breed, train, and prepare our stallions for licensing. We even grow most of our horse feed at Constanzehof. Our 40 to 50 horses are raised in herds on our vast and fertile marshy pasture. With 120 hectares at their disposal, they have the ample space horses need. In addition, we have spacious, open box stalls. This way, our Holsteiners remain healthy and strong.

Constanzehof has been in the Jahr family since 1952 and today is run by the third generation. In 1956 the Jahr family bought its first Holsteiner mares from line 1571. Around this time in cooperation with the breeding adviser Gerd Prien, Fiete von Soosten who was manager of the stud farm at the time, radically expanded the breeding. They bought the mare Bizarre by Cromwell/Maiki from line 890. Bizarre is the ancestor of the internationally successful mare Frimella by Freemanxx/Cromwell, ridden by Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst. In addition, the stud farm manager and the breeding adviser discovered the mare Prinzesschen by Freischäler/Diamant from line 4063. She is the ancestor of numerous successful Constanzehof horses and licensed stallions.

In recent times, the stud farm has continued to acquire new mares from interesting lines to broaden the pedigree. A breed that began with coach horses has developed into a breed of exceptionally successful sport horses with a focus on show jumping. In doing so, the Constanzehof team successfully combines traditional values and modern breeding methods. We are guided by the following principle: Whatever is best for the horses. We have continued to follow this belief from generation to generation.