Holsteiners: Strength of Will and Resilience

The Holsteiner breed of show jumpers is among the best in the world. Holsteiners also lead the pack in dressage and eventing. Horses that are raised in the marshes and are out in all weather grow up to be robust and adaptable. For this reason, the uncomplicated, steady and reliable temperament of Holsteiners is valued around the world – and at Constanzehof in the heart of the Holsteiner breeding district as well. We love the windswept coastal marshes near the North Sea as much as our strong-willed horses. A typical Holsteiner is marked by resilience and enthusiasm. Their strength of character is a decisive attribute in equestrian sport competitions.

Ambitious riders benefit not only from the expressiveness, willpower and inner stability of Holsteiners, but also from the excellent jumping ability, long stride, ground-covering trot and spirited gallop inherent in this long athletic line of warmblood horses. This makes the horses suitable for dressage as well as show jumping and eventing.

The Holsteiner breed, which can be traced back to the 13th century, was originally used in agriculture and as carriage horses. They were valued here for their stamina and ability to work hard. It wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that the breeding was redirected to focus on sport horses by improving the line – primarily with English thoroughbred stallions.

For more information please visit the Holsteiner breeders’ association website: www.holsteiner-verband.de