Holsteiner breeding with passion

We have been acquainted with our mare lines for generations and know exactly where the key hereditary strengths lie. It is our goal to develop the outstanding qualities of Holsteiner horses, namely superior jumping skills, excellent galloping ability and a clearly defined topline. That’s why you can find premium quality at Constanzehof. Famous Holsteiner lines like 4063, 890, 6879, 162, 504, and more are at home here. One of the most successful Holsteiner broodmares is our mare Ungarin by Fernando, Roman from the line 4063. For decades this line has produced numerous “S” show jumpers and Grand Prix horses, among them four licensed stallions:

  • Lambada by Landgraf, Fernando, Roman Stamm 4063
  • Jefferson by Julio Mariner, Fernando, Roman Stamm 4063
  • Lenett by Loran, Lord-Calando, Fernando (gekört 2009) Stamm 4063
  • Somersby by Stakkato, C-Trenton, Lord-Calando Stamm 4063
  • Barkley by Baloubet du Rouet, Clearway, Alcatratz Stamm 238
  • Toy Story by Toulon, Cassini I, Esteban xx Stamm 4063
Toy Story
Toy Story von Toulon, Cassini I, Esteban xx Stamm 4063

Our Holsteiners truly benefit from a geographical advantage. Fertile marshy pastureland promotes robust health and resilience, especially for our mares and foals. We are convinced that keeping the horses in a species-appropriate environment is the foundation for successful breeding. The horses receive first-class fodder and have space to roam. Even in winter, the broodmares and young horses can freely wander the meadows and paddocks every day in groups of four or five.

Every year we breed eight to twelve mares. We sell some of the foals and train the others at Constanzehof. We therefore always have a selection of quality home bred horses for sale, including six year olds.

Our broodmares